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Proven Toombs County Attorney Defends Clients Accused of Crimes

Skilled Georgia criminal defense lawyer fights felony and misdemeanor charges

A single allegation of criminal wrongdoing in Georgia can put your future at risk. As a respected defense lawyer with the Law Office of Tina E. Maddox, LLC in Vidalia, I assert my clients’ rights to the presumption of innocence in the criminal justice system. People in Toombs County and the surrounding areas come to me for carefully developed defense strategies and personalized support for a range of criminal charges. My aggressive courtroom demeanor has helped my clients to achieve dismissals, favorable plea deals, and not-guilty verdicts.

Experienced Vidalia lawyer opposes prosecutors in court hearings and at trial

I take a tough stance at arraignment hearings and in negotiations with prosecutors. When cases go to trial, I work with clients to develop a strong defense targeted to their unique situations. I fight criminal charges brought for:

  • Drug crimes — Conviction for a drug offense can result in mandatory license suspension, prison time and hefty fines. I question whether searches were performed legally and I look for weakness in the prosecutor’s arguments.
  • Sexual offenses — I work to protect the reputation and future prospects of people accused of rape, sexual battery, public indecency and other offenses that could lead to mandatory sex offender registration.
  • Theft — Punishments for theft are based on the value of property, the type of property and the method in which it was taken. I may raise defenses such as disputed ownership and lack of criminal intent.
  • Assault — An act or threat of violence can be justifiable if it occurred in self-defense. I tell the accused’s side of the story.
  • Murder — I defend clients accused of murder, homicide and manslaughter, seeking reduced sentences when prosecutors recommend life imprisonment or capital punishment.

Whether you face a felony or misdemeanor charge, you deserve a strong defense that can challenge the prosecution’s case. For these charges as well as DUI offenses, I offer clients vigorous advocacy in pursuit of the most favorable possible outcome.

Determined litigator seeks to have serious charges dropped or reduced

A crime punishable by a year or more in prison is classified as a felony. Murder, aggravated assault, rape and narcotics possession are a few examples of crimes meeting this classification. Crimes punishable by less than a year of imprisonment are misdemeanors. Marijuana possession of one ounce or less, simple battery and petty theft are among the offenses that can be charged as misdemeanors in Georgia.

Utilizing my extensive trial experience and knowledge of Georgia laws, I counter prosecutors when they pursue life-changing prison sentences and crippling penalties. If a crime is a “wobbler”— meaning that it could be classified as either a misdemeanor or felony depending on the facts of the case — I will argue for the misdemeanor option.

In some cases, accepting a plea deal is preferable to going to trial. I advise my clients on their options and the potential consequences so that they can make an informed decision with my help.

Contact a committed Georgia criminal defense attorney for a free consultation

At the Law Office of Tina E. Maddox, LLC in Vidalia, I defend individuals in Toombs County and the surrounding areas on a range of criminal charges. To arrange for a free initial consultation, call 912-380-6393 or contact me online.