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Accomplished Toombs County Attorney Handles Child Custody Conflicts

Persistent Georgia family lawyer fights for favorable parenting time orders

Children benefit when they can grow up with stability. From the Law Office of Tina E. Maddox, LLC in Vidalia, I help families in Toombs County and the surrounding areas to create parenting time plans and resolve custody disputes. Once I understand the particular circumstances of your family, I can seek creative solutions suited to the best interests of your child. Members of the community have relied on my office for reputable legal representation since 2005.

Experienced Vidalia attorney represents parents in negotiations and hearings

I provide committed support during custody and visitation negotiations. When conflicts demand the intervention of a judge, I adamantly pursue favorable outcomes in court. I help clients seek:

  • Sole custody — When sole legal custody of a child is granted to one parent, that parent has the sole right to determine how the child is raised. Sole physical custody means the child resides primarily with one parent. A judge can grant sole physical custody but still allow visitation from the other parent.
  • Joint custody — Parents who are awarded joint legal custody share legal authority when it comes to the child’s education, medical care, religion and other aspects of upbringing. In a joint physical custody arrangement, a child splits time living in two households.
  • Grandparent visitation — Georgia grandparents do not have automatic visitation rights, but they can petition the court to see their grandkids, subject to certain limitations and a determination that it is in the child’s best interests.

If a child is born to unmarried parents in Georgia, paternity must be established in order for the father to have custody rights.

Either parent may petition the court to modify an existing custody order, but a judge cannot make amendments unless there has been a significant change in the family’s circumstances. I can evaluate the strength of your modification request and provide representation during hearings.

If your child’s other parent violates a custody order, my firm can file a motion asking the court to enforce the original order. The court may impose penalties and require additional visitation to make up for denied parenting time.

Dedicated counselor looks out for children during juvenile court proceedings

I assert the interests of children and rights of parents when juvenile court hearings are required for:

  • Delinquency — This is a legal proceeding where a minor is charged with an offense that would be a crime if committed by an adult. In deciding on whether treatment, rehabilitation or supervision is required for a minor adjudicated as a delinquent, a Georgia judge considers the full extent of the child’s circumstances, which includes the parents’ ability to help and discipline their child.
  • Dependency — A dependency proceeding is meant to protect the well-being of a child after a complaint of suspected child deprivation, neglect or abuse. If a judge finds that allegations are credible, the court can take away parental rights and place children in the custody of relatives or in the foster system.

I collect and present evidence to help demonstrate parental fitness, and I argue for solutions that keep children safe.

Contact a determined Georgia family law attorney for help with child custody and visitation

From the Law Office of Tina E. Maddox, LLC in Vidalia, I represent parents in and around Toombs County in child custody matters. To schedule a free initial consultation, call 912-380-6393 or contact me online.