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Vidalia Lawyer Serves as Guardian ad Litem to Represent Children in Litigation

Georgia courts appoint THE Law Office Of Tina E. Maddox LLC to advocate for minors and others

Children are not capable of hiring someone to represent their legal interests when family disputes such as divorce affect their well-being. In these situations, courts will designate a guardian ad litem to ensure that their rights are protected. The Law Office Of Tina E. Maddox LLC has the experience, knowledge and compassion to deliver comprehensive representation to minors and other individuals who cannot advocate for themselves.

Law firm providing a full range of services for the youths we assist

The Law Office Of Tina E. Maddox LLC performs a variety of necessary functions while serving as a guardian ad litem including:

  • Representation in court. Upon appointment by the court, I advocate for children in hearings and trials. When necessary, I examine witnesses and argue motions in the same manner as other parties to the litigation.
  • Evaluation of pertinent information. As guardianad litem, I take my role seriously and review every relevant document in order to understand what is best for the child. When warranted, I also petition the court to get access to certain materials.
  • Contact with key individuals. I can obtain professional medical advice when it is required. If others have knowledge that will help the court's evaluation of the child's welfare, I can also work to get their input.

I perform each task with the appropriate proficiency and sensitivity so that those I represent can move forward with the least possible disruption.

Delivering clear advice to benefit the children I represent

After a thorough investigation, the Law Office Of Tina E. Maddox LLC prepares and delivers a detailed report specifying what is in the child's best interest. I take a comprehensive approach to my recommendations so that all parties understand the child's physical, financial, educational and emotional needs.

Contact a Vidalia lawyer to protect the legal rights and welfare of a minor

Call the Law Office Of Tina E. Maddox LLC at 912-380-6393 or contact me online if you require an attorney to serve as guardian ad litem in Georgia.