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Respected Georgia Attorney Represents Bicyclists Hurt in Accidents

Experienced Vidalia lawyer presses for compensation for injured cyclists

Whether you ride a bicycle to commute, for exercise or just for fun, being on the open road carries risks. When a bicyclist is struck by a car, injuries are often severe and require expensive medical treatment. At the Law Office of Tina E. Maddox, LLC in Vidalia, I help bicyclists recover monetary damages from negligent drivers. I also represent families in wrongful death lawsuits. My firm has served Toombs County and the surrounding area since 2005.

Determined Toombs County advocate assists bicyclists hit by reckless drivers 

Even seasoned bicyclists can have their safety jeopardized in an instant. Some common causes of bike accidents include:

  • Turning cars — Many car-bicycle collisions occurs head-on, with drivers hitting cyclists while completing turns. A driver who fails to check his mirrors or blind spots may be at fault.
  • Cars in the bike lane or shoulder — Drivers are required to keep a safe distance from those on bikes and must yield to cyclists in designated bike lanes. An aggressive or distracted driver may sideswipe or hit a bicyclist from behind.
  • Confusion at intersections — Motorists and bicyclists alike must obey traffic lights and follow right-of-way rules at intersections. If a car T-bones a bike, the bicyclist can be badly hurt.
  • Opened car doors — When a car door opens unexpectedly in your path, it can be impossible to avoid colliding with it without throwing yourself into traffic. A driver or passenger who doesn’t check their surroundings before stepping out of a vehicle may be liable for damages.

Bicycle accident injuries can range from minor scrapes and bruises to major trauma. A bicyclist’s primary mode of transportation may be totaled, and the rider may need to miss work to recover. I will pursue a monetary settlement or verdict that reflects the total value of your costs.

Skilled litigator fights insurers who blame cyclists for accidents

In some cases, bicyclists contribute to their own accidents. Riding past a stop sign or turning without signaling are two ways a rider may put himself and others at risk. However, as long as a bicyclist is less than 50 percent to blame for an accident, he or she can seek damages to the extent their injuries were caused by others’ negligence. Because a driver or their insurance company may try to convince you that you are not eligible for compensation, it is wise to speak to a personal injury lawyer. I can review the evidence involved in your accident and identify ways in which the driver or another party may be at fault.

Contact an assertive Georgia bicycle accident litigator to set up a free initial consultation

At the Law Office of Tina E. Maddox, LLC in Vidalia, I represent bicyclists in Toombs County and the surrounding areas hurt in car crashes and other accidents. To set up a free initial consultation with a personal injury attorney, call my office at 912-380-6393 or contact me online